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Ecko Community focus is growing the Kadena & Kaddex eckosystem, especially eckoID and eckoGOV, through community-enablement.



Launch and build your decentralised autonomous organisation with eckoGOV, Kaddex’s community-led Web3 DeFi platform.



Your digital ID in the eckosystem. eckoID is a blockchain-based decentralised proof of identity and verification system.

The Future is Here

European Union Intellectual Property Disclaimer

NOTE: In the European Union, Kaddex does not own the registered trademark rights to the marks eckoDAO, eckoDEX, eckoID, eckoGOV, eckoWALLET. These marks are presently registered by eckoDAO Association. Kaddex believes it has rights to these names and plans to contest these marks in the European Union; however, until successful, this disclaimer will be displayed. Please factor this into your decision-making when looking for one of these products or services in the European Union.

Advance & Build

A healthy blockchain ecosystem is paramount to the success of Kaddex. Kaddex is the leader in decentralised architectures, and our goal is to share the knowledge gained with other projects through our propriety DAO-building platform.

Advancing the Kadena ecosystem and enabling others to build decentralised organisations has always been a priority for Kaddex. Ecko is our testament to this commitment.

Michael WilliamsManaging Director, Kaddex



Enabling the future of Blockchain

Frequently asked questions

What is Ecko?

Ecko is a collection Kaddex’s blockchain-based offerings and their collective support functions. These include our decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) building platform, eckoGOV, its accompanying identity verification system, eckoID, and the brand behind our efforts to advance the Kadena and Kaddex ecosystem, eckoCOM (community).

Is it really free?

Yes, we’ll always have a free tier available to the community. The goal is to build a sustainable platform while providing revenue to consistently improve and grow the platform. Moreover, Kaddex believes a strong support framework is necessary to ensure success.

Why Ecko?

Ecko comes from the merged combination of two words, “Kadena” and “Ecosystem”

What about other platforms like

We believe building and supporting our ecosystem is paramount. Ecko will work in conjunction with and enhance already-existing DAO-building platforms. Our goal has always been to lend technical expertise to help fill the existing capacity voids within various aspects of the Kadena ecosystem.

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