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Wrinqle by Kaddex

Multichain Made Easy

The Winrqle Protocol is Kaddex’s propriety solution to multi-chain harmonisation, allowing seamless access to Kaddex across all Kadena’s chains.

Bandwidth matters. Whilst our competitors claim that single-chain DEXs on Kadena are fine, there are significant impacts to end-users. Wrinqle by Kaddex unlocks liquidity seamlessly across chains, reducing the painful task of manually completing cross-chain transfers, seeking manual support, and banging your head against the wall.

Kaddex believes that any solution that does not scale with the underlying blockchain it relies upon is nearly as bad as not delivering shoes and hoodies to your investors and valued community members. You have our word: we will not do either. The Wrinqle Protocol is a testament to years worth of work from our team.

Enabling our end-users to have seamless, secure, and easy access to the Kadena blockchain will remain at the forefront of our strategic goals.

More information will come in time as we work with our legal teams to ensure we can protect this great intellectual property.

Break free from decentralised exchanges that shackle you to a single chain (yes, Fakedex, we’re talking to you) and enjoy the benefits and throughput of the entire Kadena blockchain.

Wrinqle By KaddexMultichain Made EasyYour TradesSaves MoneyReduces Network CongestionEliminates StressEnhances Execution

Chains Enabled

We've always dreamed of roadmaps with dates... While we have yet to promise that, we're delivering the next best solution: easy multi-chain access to Kaddex.

Michael WilliamsManaging Director, Kaddex
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