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Node Initialisation Data

Kaddex provides archived node data every four hours, which is retained for at least two (2) days. Individuals may use this data to seed their nodes.

When the container is started for the first time, it has to synchronise and rebuild the Chainweb database from the P2P network. This can take a long time. Currently, as of 2023-08-29, this takes about 7-10 days for a node in a well-connected data centre.

The container includes a script for synchronizing a pre-build database, which currently, as of 2023-08-29, involves downloading about 117GB of data.

A database snapshot is just a gzipped tar archive of the Chainweb database, which contains the subdirectories rocksDb and sqlite. The URL can point to a remote location or a local file. Any URL that curl understands is fine.

Database snapshots are available from different sources. Kadena charges for their database downloads; however, Kaddex provides the data free of charge to the community.

Download the Data